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Posted by Araceli P. Garrett

An affiliate program is one method of promoting a certain web business, through which a publisher, called affiliate, is rewarded for every customer, subscriber or visitor, or for the sale he or she provides through individual efforts. Revenue share is the predominant method for compensation in an affiliate program, but Cost Per Sale or Pay Per Click may be used by some of them. An affiliate program can be found through either affiliate programs directories or affiliate networks, where hundreds of advertisers are provided a platform. An affiliate program works best in the context of the information that the web site contains.

Some of the poker affiliates make up to $150,000 every month, but these are only the top in the industry, whereas an average poker affiliate is only somewhere around $10,000 a month. If you are undecided about what poker affiliate program to choose, you should check out some of the promotions of the major poker rooms, and may be the lists with the big programs, because these are the affiliate programs that will bring you the big bucks.

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With some of these online poker affiliate programs, your commissions will be upgraded according to the increasing number of players that you sign up. Revenue share can go as high as 40%, at which point things should run smoothly for you. The ideal affiliate program for online poker will allow you to have unique promotions , both online and offline, by creating unique bonus codes, which don’t require a web site to which players can sign up.

As far as the income is concerned, Party Poker is the one to join if you are a beginner with the poker affiliate program, at least that is what the reviews say. More than half of the online poker market share belongs to Party Poker, and almost anyone can make money with them. At Party Poker, an affiliate manager is assigned to every affiliate, and he or she will be the one to negotiate a higher commission with once you have proven that you are able to bring in players. Party Poker offers two types of commission plans, which are standard in this industry, either cost per action of $65 for each sign up, or 20% in revenue share.

The basic features needed on a good poker web site can also be found at Party Poker, and these include multi-tables, account transfers from player to player, hand history review, player search, and table stats. Compared to other poker rooms, the graphics at Party Poker are somewhere around average.

This is also the place to find bad players, since many first-timers choose Party Poker, and you’ll find that there’s a lot of action going on at pretty much any time of the day. The card games you can play are Texas Hold’em, Omaha High, Seven Card Stud, Black Jack. Party Poker also offers a great selection of tournaments, from weekly tournaments, to single table or multi table tournaments, as well as one big tournament each year.

These are the reasons why Party Poker is recommended for the excellent poker affiliate program.

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