Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy, but couldn’t you have waited just 24 hours more?

The arrival of your baby seems to have overshadowed the birth of my own little pride and joy, which I delivered myself yesterday morning.

I’m talking about Lyndon’s my super-slimline manifesto. Lyndon says that the manifesto would be easy to digest, but I’m a bit concerned that it’s leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths instead. Already I’ve heard it called the “shortest suicide note in history” and read numerous opinions about how many words are in it, but very little about what our message actually is.

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I thought I’d deflected those sorts of questions when I was asked about it at the press launch and replied that it’s short because I wanted people to actually read it. But now some wag has suggested that at £2.50 for less than 5,000 words, it’s not exactly value-for-money. £2.50 for a piece of history seems like a bargain to me, but Lyndon’s planning to put some up for sale on eBay, “just in case”.  Read more

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